Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon

Standard 3 days - £3.95 / Express 1-2 days - £7
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Reveal to your friends and family whether you're having a boy or girl with this confetti balloon!

When you're expecting, you'll no doubt be quizzed as to whether you're having a boy or girl - why not declare it in style by popping open this balloon and watch as the confetti inside bursts out the balloon and flutters across the room.

The balloon is black so as not to give away the surprise before the reveal!

This kit contains one black un-inflated balloon, one small safety pin and either pink or blue confetti.

Simply fill the balloon with the confetti and inflate it before popping it with the safety pin in front of your guests for the big reveal!

Choose from pink and white mix square confetti or blue and white mix square confetti. 

When inflated the maximum size of the balloon is approximately 40cm (16inches). 15g of confetti in one pack.

Allergy Information: Balloon is made from natural rubber latex.