Gold Glitter Twine

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This glittering twine is made up of natural cotton fibres spun with gold or silver filament. It's soft to touch and with its 8-ply construction it's nice and strong too!

This beautiful twine is ideal for wrapping gifts, making wedding favours, decorations and craft projects.

You can choose from 10 metre quantities for your small craft projects or for a length to last you a long time you can buy an 80 metre spool of twine.

The spool is not included unless you buy 220 metres.

Twine is sold per 10 metre length and multiple quantities will be packaged as one length. For example if you enter '3' in the quantity box and choose 10 metres from the drop down menu, you will receive 3 x 10 metre lengths of twine as one 30 metre length.