Mint Honeycomb Pom Pom

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A new twist on the paper honeycomb ball are these pom pom shaped decorations!

Whether you're looking to decorate your wedding venue, a baby shower, hen do or a summer BBQ with friends, these pom-pom style hanging decorations will create the most stylish decor for your special occasion.

Use just one ball to create a simple decorative centrepiece or place lots of honeycomb pom poms together to create a colourful cluster around your event venue.

We are incredibly proud of the high quality of our honeycomb pom poms as they are made of premium quality tissue paper and are simple to assemble and hang up.

Each paper ball has a string hoop attached for hanging and has sticky pads to hold them open. If you'd like to re-use your decorations time and again, just use paperclips to hold them together.

The honeycomb pom pom decoration measures 20cm in diameter.