Personalised Smoothie Drink Glass Jar

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Enjoy your favourite smoothie or drink in style with your very own personalised kilner jar.

This solid glass jar is adorned with the name or message of your choice.

This is a perfect gift for a friend or family member who might be on a health kick or needs some fuel to get through the day (the drink is their choice!) This jar is also the perfect fun vessel for your favourite cocktail and, with your name on it, you’ll never have to share! It so versatile! Whether filled with the perfect Pina Colada or wonderfully fresh water, this jar is going to put a smile on your face every time you reach for it.

This is traditionally used as a preserving jar so the standard lid is in two pieces. It is still completely functional, just slightly different to a traditional lid! You can choose to add one of our ‘daisy’ lids to your jar. The daisy lid allows you to place a straw through the lid as there is a circular hole in the centre. Just choose which colour you would like from the drop down menu. 

You can also add a pack of paper straws so you can drink from your jar in style! Simply choose a colour and design from the drop down menu.

The jar is made of high quality clear glass and has 'Kilner Est 1842' embossed on one side. The lid is made of metal. Each jar holds 500ml and the height of one jar is approximately 12.5cm.

Suitable for hand washing only.