Pink Diamond Party Tableware Set

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This geometric diamond design puts a twist on traditional pink party accessories.

Use this tableware for your little girl's princess party, a hen-do, baby shower, tea party or elegant picnic. These delightful table accessories will most definitely get your guests excited for your party!

This tableware collection contains all the items you need to decorate your table for 8 party guests. For more guests, just select the pack size you need from the drop down menu.

The plates and cups in this tableware collection have a pink diamond print and you can choose the pattern for your napkins and straws from the drop down menu.

8 guests - 25 paper straws, 20 napkins, 8 cups, 8 plates.

16 guests - 50 paper straws, 40 napkins, 16 cups, 16 plates.

24 guests - 75 paper straws, 60 napkins, 24 cups, 24 plates.