Yellow Triangle Party Tableware Set

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For a sunshine bright party, look no further than this bold yellow triangle print tableware!

Perfect for a garden party or BBQ or if you'd like to bring some sunshine indoors, this beautiful tableware will delight your guests when they arrive at your birthday party.

This tableware collection contains all the items you need to decorate your table for 8 party guests. For more guests, just select the pack size you need from the drop down menu.

The plates and cups in this tableware collection have a yellow triangle print, the napkins are stripey yellow and you can choose the pattern for your straws from the drop down menu.

8 guests - 25 paper straws, 20 napkins, 8 cups, 8 plates.

16 guests - 50 paper straws, 40 napkins, 16 cups, 16 plates.

24 guests - 75 paper straws, 60 napkins, 24 cups, 24 plates.