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How to Host a Cocoa Bar

If you're planning any parties or get-togethers this winter then how about creating your very own Cocoa Bar? This is bound to delight your guests and the fact that everyone can help themselves only adds to the fun! Keep reading to see what you need.

First, you'll need your cocoa essentials like cocoa powder, marshmallows and chocolate chips which you can place inside containers like  Glass Cookie Jars and you'll need scoops so guests can help themselves. For the hot milk, you can hand out a cup to each guest or let them help themselves from your kitchen meaning they can go for round two, or three!

I wanted to give guests a few extra treats like Oreos, candy canes and chocolate covered pretzels (yum!) to really give them a sweet fix. I again used our  Candy Jars and decorated the jars with Red Stitched Ribbon to make sure everything co-ordinated.

To complete your table you'll want some decorations to amp up the festive factor.  Personalised Bunting will certainly make your Cocoa Bar a most stylish affair and I also added a White Honeycomb TreeRed Paper Fans and added some Red Grosgain Ribbon to decorate the Candy Jars.

That's it. Pretty sweet, right? I've summarised everything I used below but you might like to go for another colour scheme or theme. What do you plan on serving guests this Christmas?

1.  Red Paper Fan | 2. White Honeycomb Paper Tree | 3. Red Striped Napkins | 4. Personalised Christmas Bunting | 5. Honeycomb Paper Balls | 6. Glass Candy Jars

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How to Host a Cocoa Bar - Peach Blossom