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The New Peach Blossom Shop - Behind The Scenes

I can't believe I'm here - I'm actually writing about the new Peach Blossom shop after such a whirlwind journey. We've had so much lovely feedback and so many wonderful comments since our launch so I thought you might be interested to read about how our journey began and what it took to put the shop together.

So I knew that I wanted to launch a bricks and mortar party shop for some time and the hunt was on to find the perfect location. Just like house buying, you need to imagine what a space will actually look like once you've put your stamp on it which can prove tricky. So, when I'd decided on the shop, it was time to plan out how we were going to display all our beautiful products and turns out it was a totally different ball game to laying out an online store - there was a lot to think about!

Fast forward weeks and months until I finally got the keys and that was when the hard work started. The builders stepped in and began ripping out the existing shop fittings to make way for our new ideas and then we had to pack up our office and get everything moved to the shop with as little disruption to dispatching online orders as possible!

But it was all worth it once the shop came together and it ended up looking like this...


The past few weeks have been a bundle of excitement and I can't wait for what's to come. If you're in Brighton, do pop in to the shop - we hope you love it as much as we do!


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The New Peach Blossom Shop - Behind The Scenes - Peach Blossom