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The Number One Tip for Hanging Party Decorations

So you've picked your beautiful party decorations and you've planned where you want them to go in your venue or around your home but how do you go about hanging them up?

One of the questions we get asked the most is about to hang party decorations or advice for displaying them. If you're throwing a birthday party, baby shower or maybe you're prepping your wedding decor being able to hang your decor with ease is key to ensure you're not left pulling your hair out pre-party! Whether it's because you're not sure how to stick them to the wall to begin with or you're worried about damaging the walls when you come to take the decorations down then I've got a simple idea on how to easily hang them.

Watch the video I put together below explaining my number one tip for hanging party decorations.


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The Number One Tip for Hanging Party Decorations - Peach Blossom