Gold Engagement Balloon Collection

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Planning a surprise engagement proposal for your true love? Make it a moment to cherish forever with this elegant balloon display.

Made up of two engagement diamond ring balloons as well as a mix of gold and white latex and foil heart balloons, this will create the most perfect backdrop for your romantic celebration.

Once you've chosen your balloons and the date you'd like them to be delivered, we'll carefully prepare and inflate your balloons. Then we'll hand-deliver them to your door on your requested date.


  • Two diamond ring balloons inflated with helium and tied to separate weights.
  • A mix of either 10, 20 or 30 foil and latex balloons all inflated with helium.
  • Balloons hand-delivered to your door.


  • Enjoy your balloons for days. Our premium quality foil balloons and orb balloons float for 3 days+ and latex balloons float for at least 1 day.