Pastel Orb Balloons - Set of 5

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There has never been a more delightful bouquet of balloons than this candy-inspired pastel collection.

Perfect for a baby shower, 1st birthday or as an amazing party backdrop, these stylish balloons have been carefully selected by our team of balloon professionals.

Even with their soft pastel colours, these balloons are so striking thanks to their perfectly round shape and unusual size. Plus, you'll be amazed by how long the balloons float - often for at least 3 days (and even beyond when the balloons are looked after!)

Each balloon is finished with a soft pastel paper tassel tail to add an elegant touch, making these balloons real show-stoppers.

Let us deliver the balloons ready made and inflated with helium direct to your doorstep inflated, all you need to do is order and we'll take care of the rest!


  • Five 16inch orb balloons with beautiful paper tassel tails.
  • All balloons are inflated with helium and tied to a weight.
  • Balloons hand-delivered to your door.


  • Enjoy your balloons for days. Our premium quality foil balloons and orb balloons float for 3 days+ and latex balloons float for at least 1 day.