Rainbow Balloon Collection

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The birthday boy or girl will be delighted to receive this incredible collection of balloons right on their doorstep.

This brightly coloured collection of rainbow themed balloons will definitely light up their special day and make it even more memorable!

Made up of a rainbow balloon and three orb balloons, this combination has been carefully selected by us to make a birthday or celebration extra special. Plus our premium quality balloons will float for at least 3 days, ensuring the party will continue for days to come!

Simply place your order and leave it to us to carefully prepare, inflate and deliver the balloons straight to your (or the recipient's) doorstep. 


  • One rainbow balloon.
  • Three orb balloons adorned with paper tassel tails.
  • All balloons are inflated with helium and tied to a weight.
  • Balloons hand-delivered to your door.


  • Enjoy your balloons for days. Our premium quality foil balloons and orb balloons float for 3 days+ and latex balloons float for at least 1 day.