Rainbow Orb Balloons - Set of 5

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Celebrate your birthday in rainbow style with this super special rainbow balloons!

Not only are these stunning balloons bigger than standard party balloons but they're round too, so they appear to be like big disco balls and make the most beautiful addition to your party or celebration.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, job promotion or a new baby - these incredible balloons will make the most amazing surprise on your doorstep.

The balloons are delivered direct to you or the recipient inflated and prepared so they're ready to dazzle. Plus they'll float for at least 3 days so you can keep the celebrations going! Simply order and relax whilst our team of balloon experts take care of creating your beautiful collection of balloons.

Each balloon is finished with a ruffled paper tassel tail to add colour and flamboyance for a really special finishing touch.


  • Five 16inch orb balloons with vibrant paper tassel tails.
  • All balloons are inflated with helium and tied to a weight.