Rose Gold Orb Balloons with Blush Tails

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There probably is no balloon more glamorous than the rose gold orb balloon especially with beautiful metallic silver tails.

These stunning balloons will instantly make your celebration even more special! Whether you're hosting a birthday party, baby shower or you want to shower the guest of honour with stunning decorations for their special day - this decadent collection of balloons is sure to 'wow' everyone who sees them!

Let us take care of ensuring these balloons are inflated and prepared perfectly for your special occasion. Simply order and our balloon experts will take care of inflating and delivering the balloons so they arrive at your door ready to party! Plus the balloons will float for at least 3 days so you can enjoy them long after the celebrations are over.


  • Three 16inch rose gold orb balloons with peach, pink and beige tassel tails
  • All balloons are inflated with helium and tied to a weight.