Because your stationery drawer is never too full

Because your stationery drawer is never too full

1st Sep 2018

September is here and the new school year is in our sights. This can only mean one thing - it's time to stock up on lovely new stationery! Take a look at all the goodies we have in store and online. Whether it's stickers to decorate a notebook, tags to label eeeveeerythiing or glitter tape to make up the prettiest pages, we've got a whole rainbow of treats to keep your stationery stash topped up.

Make your work shine bright - Neon Pink Star Stickers

Get everything labeled and organised with these adorable tags - Yellow Gift Tags

Twine which isn't just practical but pretty too! - Teal Bakers Twine

The ultimate finishing touch comes in gold glitter tape - Gold Glitter Tape

All bases are covered with one of our craft kits - Rainbow Craft Kit

Perfect for sending love notes - Kraft Heart Stickers

What stationery supplies will you be stocking up on? We'd love to see what your stationery drawer/cupboard/box looks like - share your pics with us!