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Party Picks: Serving Perfect Ice Cream

Incase you missed it last week, this new blog series Party Picks is here to bring you a new idea or piece of inspiration to help you create a celebration to remember. Sometimes it's the little details which will help you create a party to remember or sometimes you might be short on time and need [...]

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Party Picks: Paper Candles

We like to think of Peach Blossom as not just a party store but also a platform from where you come away feeling inspired. We want you to discover ideas you might not have thought of to help you create an original decoration or add that extra special touch to your celebration. New ideas and a [...]

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Pink and Yellow Bumble Bee 1st Birthday

Choosing the theme or idea behind a child's 1st birthday party can be a tricky one. It might be the parents' first time throwing a children's party, the thought of which can be daunting, and it might also be the only time the parents get to have a say in the look of the party! [...]

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Personalised Celebrations

As I'm sure you've guessed, me and the Peach Blossom team are pretty in love with any kind of party or celebration - any occasion when you can dress up a venue and yourself! These are the moments all of us look back on and remember which is why we love to make sure these [...]

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DIY: Glitter Fringe Party Crown

You must know by now we love a DIY craft project here at Peach Blossom and we love them even more when they’re super easy to do too! Stand back and be amazed by our easy steps to transform our Glitter Party Crowns into Glitter Fringe Party Crowns! The magic ingredient in this transformation is our Paper Fringe [...]

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Confetti Eggs

I posted some Easter decor ideas last week but being confetti-obsessed, I couldn't not post this pretty spectacular idea! This is a such a fun activity but would also make a rather delightful surprise - after the shock of having an egg cracked over your head!This DIY suggests setting up a game to use these eggs [...]

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Mini Washi Tape Bunting

We love washi tape here at Peach Blossom. If you don't know what it is, it's kind of like masking tape but *much* prettier. The fact that it comes in so many patterns and is super easy to tear means you can use it to decorate pretty much anything. Why not use it to decorate glass jars, [...]

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How much are you enjoying the longer daylight hours being thrown our way?! Every year I say the same thing but I really do forget just how good it feels to have lighter mornings and evenings. By now, I'm so over cosy nights in and movie marathons with hot chocolate. Bring on the picnics, the [...]

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Spring in my step

I am so excited for Spring and all that it brings - the warmer weather, the lighter evenings (and mornings!) and the fact that home decor and nature start to show off soft pastel shades. We're so happy to have launched our Spring products bringing you lighter colours and fun Easter accessories.  What do you have [...]

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